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【Korea eSIM】 Red Plan - Unlimited 4G Data+11K WON Voice credits
Short-term Study
Product Code: KT363eSIM
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Please make sure your device supports eSIM before purchase.

-Unlimited 5mbps 4G/LTE data -11,000KRW voice & SMS credits included

  • 30-day plan, able to extend
  • Just simply scan the QR Code and install before your trip!


Korea eSIM - Red Plan

* The amount is subjected to the payment page.

The Experience

- Please make sure your device supports eSIM before purchase.

- eSIM QR Code will be sent manually AFTER you have completed the steps to verify your identity. Please refer to 【To issue the eSIM】for details.


-Unlimited 5mbps 4G/LTE data* *Max. Data speed is 5mbps, able to watch 720P video or use GPS

【Voice Calls & Texts(SMS)】

  • 11,000KRW voice & SMS credits included
  • Incoming Voice Calls & Texts(SMS) : Free of charge
  • Outgoing Calls : 4.4KRW / sec , Outgoing SMS : 110KRW / SMS
  • You can seperately top-up the voice credits if needed, min. recharge amount : 11,000KRW


  • 30-day plan
  • You can extend the validity of the SIM card during usage period. Please reach to our C/S center for related enquiries.
  • **How to extend / top-up, please refer to 【Extension / Top-up】

【To issue the eSIM】

  • Is my device supports eSIM: Please press*#06# on the dial screen,If your phone supports eSIM, there will be an "EID"column showing.
  1. "Confirmation Email" will be sent within 24 hours upon purchase.
  2. Please reply the Email and attach the photos below: (a) Passport Bio Page (b) Selfie taken with your passport
  3. Your eSIM QR Code will be issued through Email once we have confimed your information.
  4. Please scan and install the eSIM, and start using it upon your arrival to Korea.

【Extension / Top-up】


  • Choose"RED Plan - Extend my plan" option
  • Qty. "1" = Extend another 30 days, please increase the Qty if you need to extend for more than 30 days.
  • 11,000KRW voice credits will be top-up at the same time

Voice & Texts credits Top-up

  • Choose"RED Plan - V&T credits Top-up" option
  • Qty. "1" = Top-up for 11,000KRW
  • Validity of the SIM card WILL NOT be extended

【How to verify my ID with my phone no.?】

  • If you are staying in Korea for 3 months above, you are required to apply for the Foreigner Residence Card(ARC).
  • Once if you have received the PHYSICAL Residence Card , you can link your phone no. to your ARC. Please contact our online C/S center for details
  • Please note that although it is available to tie with your ARC, due to the speciality of the product, the number is still a corporate number and under KT corporation. It might unble to go through certain ID verification procedures like e-banking / government website.
  • If you have planned to stay in Korea for a year or above, we suggest you could change to other prepaid or postpaid plansthat can be activate directly with your name. But phone number will be changed.


  • Service Provider:KT
  • Coverage:South Korea(Jeju Island Included)


  • Please refer to the URL listed in memo column from the voucher
  • Hotspot Sharing:Please confirm with your phone manufacturer for details.

【Online C/S center】

  • Opening Hours:(KST) 09:00-17:00(Mon-Fri)/ Lunch:12:00-13:00
  • Close during weekends and Korea Public Holidays
MessengersURL / ID

Guide Services

Language in Printed Materials (Booklet)

  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • English
  • Traditional Chinese

Price Details

User manual
11,000KRW Voice & Texts Credits

How to Use

  • Please print out the eSIM QR code or save it on another device for scanning and installation.

Purchase Notice

  • Please read carefully before buying the SIM card.
  • Each traveler can book 1 SIM Card only
  • Once the expiry date has passed, the remaining call charges will not be refunded
  • Please provide your full name in English as it appears on your passport when booking. SIM card activation will take ~15 mins (dependent on the number of customers on-site)
  • The eSIM and phone number cannot be re-used once it has expired.

Participant Restrictions

Not These Nationalities
  • Korea, Republic of
Further Restrictions
  • Available to non-Korean customers only

Important Booking Information

- Please make sure your device supports eSIM before purchase.

  • eSIM QR CODE must be activated and used within 60 days from the date of issue. Exchange or refund is not possible if not used after the due date

  • This eSIM is a Korea eSIM. It can be installed before departure.This eSIM cannot be used when you are in your own country. You can only connect to the Korea KT's network after you have arrived Korea

  • eSIM QR Code is non-refundable upon issuance.

  • This eSIM is unable to extend or restore once it has expired

  • Please contact our online C/S center if you are facing any difficulties on using the SIM card. DO NOT visit the KT stores downtown as they do not provide any C/S for this SIM card.

  • If your phone was bought in the U.S. / Japan / Canada / Austria, please make sure it has been unlocked for using foreign SIM cards.

  • Remaining credits will not be refunded once the SIM card is no longer valid.

  • A text message of the remaining period of use and voice credits will be sent automatically (After you have made a call)

  • If you are using a phone which is not supporting KT LTE frequency, 3G signal will be showed. Please note that refund or exchange will not be accepted under this situation.

  • The SIM card and phone number cannot be re-used once it has expired.

Cancellation Policy

  • Non-refundable (0% refund)

【Korea eSIM】 Red Plan - Unlimited 4G Data+11K WON Voice credits